Becoming an Elder: 7 Lessons at 70





I’ve come to terms with a few things in my old age. Here are 7 of them:

1. Gone are the days when old age and death seemed far away. As friends my age die, I’m more aware than ever of my mortality.

2. I look differently now at invitations and opportunities. What do I really want to do? Not what I need to do; not what I should do. This is not
as easy as it sounds. After years of doing what I needed or should, I now have the freedom to act on my feelings.

3. It takes less and less food to gain weight. I notice people tend to square off as they age. How long can I keep a waistline? I got a Fitbit to
trigger more exercise. It’s working.

4. The most painful of my life’s lessons have been the most valuable. Rather than bemoan them, I find myself grateful. This is the value of
looking back.

5. I’m no longer climbing the career ladder, so staying vital is entirely in my hands. How connected I want to be is my choice. I seek a balance
between active and passive.

6. It’s time to stop collecting and start drinking my way through my wine cellar.

7. Mentoring has taken on new meaning. If I can share what I have learned, especially with younger women in the business world, I am happy.

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