The Zen of Needlework

  My mother taught me at a young age how to sew, embroider, and knit. I have done all three extensively over the years, but my favorite is knitting. When I was 7 or 8, and mother’s women’s group were knitting squares to make blankets for soldiers, mother let me join in.  She cast on…Continue Reading

The Year in the Vineyard: Autumn

  Harvest is over. No more the chatter of the pickers running to dump buckets brimming over with dark purple clusters into the large totes, or the rumble of the tractors ferrying the totes to the winery. The curtain has fallen on the final act, the climax of the year. The vines breathe a collective…Continue Reading

Life With Little Bear

    Joy comes in the form of a furry puppy whose tail wags when I say his name and whose big brown eyes look into mine and melt my heart. We decided to get a puppy when Russ retired and we had time to be with it. Friends recommended a Tibetan Terrier (not a…Continue Reading