At Home in the Vineyard

This moving, evocative memoir, woven with lyrical descriptions of the sights and smells of vineyard life, tells the inspirational story of one woman’s journey to success in an industry run mostly by men.

At Home in the Vineyard, filled with colorful characters and unexpected experiences, brings a local rural community vividly alive as Oregon wine pioneer and industry icon Susan Sokol Blosser recounts how she fell in love with a vineyard, learned how to run it, and ultimately achieved her vision of producing Pinot Noirs to rival those of Burgundy. An intimate family story, At Home in the Vineyard also gives a candid insider’s view of Oregon’s flourishing wine industry.

Sokol Blosser begins her narrative in the 1970s, when, as a young, idealistic wife, she helped her husband make his wild idea of planting a vineyard in the Dundee Hills become a reality.

By the book’s final pages, she has become president of Sokol Blosser Winery, widely respected for gaining national visibility and for producing world-class wines, especially the elusive Pinot Noir.

Along the way, Sokol Blosser tells how she learned to do everything from driving a tractor and managing a picking crew to selling Oregon wine in Manhattan.

Reviews for At Home in the Vineyard:

“Just like the complex Pinot Noir crafted by Sokol Blosser, Susan’s life story is layered and rich. Even if you’re not a wine lover, you will love reading this touching memoir.”  Leslie Sbrocco, Emmy Award-winning PBS host and author of Wine for Women

“A gratifying tale of embarking on an American dream at a giddy, innocent time.” Bloomberg News

“At last, an intelligent, literate, first-hand observation of the beginnings of the Oregon wine industry.”  David Adelsheim, President, Adelsheim Vineyard

“Winningly candid ..”  Town & Country

“This is a coming-of-age story of a wine region and of a woman. It is about finding and following your destiny, but also shaping it yourself.”  Andrea (Immer) Robinson, Master Sommelier and author of Andrea’s Complete Wine Course for Everyone