“The test of a great presentation is how an audience reacts. Our audience didn’t want the conversation to stop.”  Christine Ervin, First President & CEO, U.S. Green Building Council

Susan Sokol Blosser’s candid and compelling keynotes and presentations connect with a wide range of audiences from family business associations, financial planners, and university and college business schools to industry associations, libraries and women’s groups. Susan has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and spoken at business schools, conferences on entrepreneurship, sustainability, and women in business, and at corporate events for Microsoft and Starbucks.


Current Speaking Topics:

The Layers of a Family Business Transition: Exploring the Complex Financial and Emotional
Aspects of Passing the Baton

Food: How Fresh, Local and Sustainable May Save Us

Entrepreneurship of the Elder: Continuing to Grow Without Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Gracious & Ruthless: Merging Two Opposites for a Successful Business


To learn more about having Susan speak at your event, contact:
Lucinda Dyer
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“You have so much wisdom, zest and authenticity to share. I am grateful for your willingness to help my students grow and hope our paths cross again soon.”  David C. Baldridge, Associate Professor of Management & Director of Off-campus MBA Programs

“Pioneering entrepreneur, visionary civic leader, occasional rabble-rouser: Susan Sokol Blosser is all this and more. She is a true Oregon icon with a voice that never fails to entertain, educate and inspire.”  Kerry Tymchuk, Executive Director, Oregon History Center

“Her presentation, “Gracious & Ruthless: Surprising Strategies for Business Success,” brought in women who were curious and excited to learn.  She captivated the audience with her story … from college history major to business executive, community activist and Oregon wine industry pioneer. Susan was engaging, fun-loving and delivered a message around leadership that spoke to the hearts of those in attendance.” Michelle Sosinski, President, Women’s Center for Leadership

“A great speaker, particularly good at handling questions from the audience… Candid and thoughtful.”  Cindy Tortorici, CEO/President, The Link For Women LLC

“Susan expertly takes her subject matter (in our case, it was sustainability, and being a great boss at two large business events) and crafts a compelling story that moves and enlightens the audience. She brings the breadth of her life and business experience forward, generously — and smartly — making those connections to the heart and head of the matter at hand. I would never hesitate to enlist Susan as a speaker, though that is a pale word to describe her talents. She is shaman, evangelist, confidant and teacher.”Robin Doussard, former Editor-in- Chief, Oregon Business Magazine.

“Susan’s presentation at the Oregon History Center was frank, funny and enormously engaging. Her stories of the remarkable young couples who began the Oregon wine industry left me inspired.  As a fellow winemaker I felt she has a grasp on the big picture: Oregonian’s helping each other within a highly competitive environment to help the whole Oregon wine industry thrive.”  Jean Driscoll, WildAire Cellars