Vineyard 3

Reviews for At Home in the Vineyard:

“Just like the complex Pinot Noir crafted by Sokol Blosser, Susan’s life story is layered and rich. Even if you’re not a wine lover, you will love reading this touching memoir.”  Leslie Sbrocco, Emmy Award-winning PBS host and author of Wine for Women

“A gratifying tale of embarking on an American dream at a giddy, innocent time.” Bloomberg News

“At last, an intelligent, literate, first-hand observation of the beginnings of the Oregon wine industry.”  David Adelsheim, President, Adelsheim Vineyard

“Winningly candid ..”  Town & Country

“This is a coming-of-age story of a wine region and of a woman. It is about finding and following your destiny, but also shaping it yourself.”  Andrea (Immer) Robinson, Master Sommelier and author of Andrea’s Complete Wine Course for Everyone